Loading and off-loading equipment to be used on your numerically controlled machines

Use on your turning machines, milling machines, laser marking machines… including for a part controlled fastening system. Compact, ergonomical and usable on various machines.

Options – Collaborative robotics allowing for free access to the area, loading flexibility thanks to vision sorting.

IDia 2.5D

High speed bulk supply sorting module of your parts

Do you wish to get supplied with a continuous supply system of your parts in order that they can be transferred, treated or packed up? Your production is high and your parts are available in bulk, discover the 2.5D bulk supply sorting system capable of managing opaque and small-sized parts, including one flat surface. Verify the feasibility of your project as soon as we start exchanging, thanks to the Robot System vision test bench.


Vertical storage module of your parts.

This system can be added at the inlet or at the outlet of our robotised applications such as assembly, packaging, quality check etc. Real space gain advantage, it will bring a great autonomy to your operators.